What’s your ‘One Thing’??

So I'll be honest I didn't really think seriously about marriage, or what kind of man I wanted to be with, or when I wanted to get married before I met Hiroshi.When I say seriously I mean I did think I seriously want to get married and meet the 'one', "someone who could fulfill me" … Continue reading What’s your ‘One Thing’??

あなたの人生でのギャップをどのように埋めるか – 自分が十分じゃないと感じだ時にどうするか

あなたの人生でのギャップをどのように埋めるか - 自分が十分じゃないと感じだ時にどう

What NOT to say in your Marriage – Words and Phrases to steer clear of in Marriage.

“You ALWAYS say that...”  “You NEVER take the rubbish out...”  “You are always complaining about that...”  “I’m cleaning up after you all the time” “You can’t understand me...”  “You never listen to me”  “NOTHING EVER pleases you!” “Let’s just get divorced then...!” Have you ever found yourself saying some of these phrases? Then you may have succumbed to … Continue reading What NOT to say in your Marriage – Words and Phrases to steer clear of in Marriage.

What memories are you making?

This weekend we went to Disneyland! One of my dreams, was to take my kids to Disneyland, I love the magic of it all and the memories we can create their! Even though my daughter is only 2 and probably won't remember a lot, seeing her twirl to the Cinderella music and get excited about … Continue reading What memories are you making?



3 Ways to be ‘Team Mates’ in your Parenting

It was an ice cream that fueled it. Such a fuss over ice cream. I like ice cream, but my daughter inevitably likes it more! I had already established a rule with her that she could have ice cream if she collected all the pom poms in her "I'm nice" jar. (This was a jar … Continue reading 3 Ways to be ‘Team Mates’ in your Parenting