How I Tackle Loneliness as a Mum

Sometimes being lonely is not talked about enough, but in people's lives it's thought about enough. Being a christian, being a mum, living in Japan, has not given me a free pass from being lonely. Here are just some of the ways I have tried to tackle loneliness in my own life as a mother.

What memories are you making?

This weekend we went to Disneyland! One of my dreams, was to take my kids to Disneyland, I love the magic of it all and the memories we can create their! Even though my daughter is only 2 and probably won't remember a lot, seeing her twirl to the Cinderella music and get excited about … Continue reading What memories are you making?

3 Ways to be ‘Team Mates’ in your Parenting

It was an ice cream that fueled it. Such a fuss over ice cream. I like ice cream, but my daughter inevitably likes it more! I had already established a rule with her that she could have ice cream if she collected all the pom poms in her "I'm nice" jar. (This was a jar … Continue reading 3 Ways to be ‘Team Mates’ in your Parenting

4 Reasons to Let your Husband be More Involved

When my first daughter was born, I think I was pretty stressed out, even though I had been a teacher for 9 years and looked after kids a lot, I didn’t have any idea how to look after a baby and I kinda freaked out when they placed that tiny bundle in my arms. No … Continue reading 4 Reasons to Let your Husband be More Involved