So Welcome to our blog, the House of Oka.

These are our tales of our bi-cultural (Japanese-British) family living in Japan.



This is me Laura Oka. I’m the blog coordinator. Passionate about families and seeing families grow stronger and more full of love. I love God, I love people, I love my church and I love my hubby and family to bits. I used to be a kindergarten teacher, but now I’m a stay at home mum, managing a very enthusiastic 2 year old and a baby under 6 months! I’m British and from a rural village in the UK, I’ve lived in Japan 10 years, a third of my life I guess and I love it! Some people get sick of it, but I fall  in love with it more.


This is my bubbly husband Hiroshi Oka. People always think he is Chinese, or Filipino because he when he hangs around with me he speaks fluent broken English and waves his hands around like a gaijin (foreigner)! But in his heart he is totally Japanese! He also loves God and is passionate about being influential in the business world. Always full of ideas he is a budding entrepreneur, he is in the midst of launching his own business (es). He loves shaking his booty on our living room floor with our kids, just as much as he loves them. And of course he adores me!


And this is my oldest daughter Kara Belle, she is a feisty, independent 2 year old going on 12. She likes to show off and sing. Whenever she has to chance to get up on a stage with a mic she will! She likes dancing, reading, cuddles with mummy big time and making mummy go crazy by running away and doing exactly the opposite of what I ask! She also loves Peppa Pig, Anpanman, Full house and her little brother.


Who is Ted Harvey. Aka Mr Chill. So far…. He loves smiling and mummy and will generally just spend his days chilling on the sofa.

So this is us, this is our blog.

 It’s not just for mums, but for anyone. For dads, for kids, for families. For people looking to start a family, for those who want a family a long way off in the distant future.
 It’s for some of you who are looking for craft ideas, game ideas, ideas on life in Japan, on Christian family life. Ideas on bilingual education (still learning), parenting ideas (definitely still learning), or even just for those who are interested in a Japanese-British bi-cultural family living in Japan!

So come join us on our adventure in the House of Oka and learn along with us!