Becoming a Mum Who Fills Her Cup First, Till it’s Overflowing

If you are a stay at home mum, or even a working mum, it isn’t always easy. Some days are great, we get a lot of house work done, the kids are in a good mood, dinner stays on the table not the floor and we finish the day feeling like we have achieved something!

But some days are just exhausting! You give and give and give your best and sometimes it feels like it’s just not good enough, the routine of cleaning, cooking, bathing the kids, playing with the kids, reading, encouraging can feel monotonous and tiring. And you wonder at the end of the day when you will ever be able to have time for yourself. Because at the end of the day you are too tired to even function. When you are giving so much back to others, it’s very easy to forget about one of the most important people in this family. You. And you really important! 


Because without you, a lot of this wouldn’t work! You are so important to your family. That’s why we need to become mum’s who are full of God’s love and overflowing in it, so we can give back to our spouses, to our kids, to our friends and all the people around us, as well as do all the necessary things we need to do without wearing out!


You honor me by anointing my head with oil. My cup overflows with blessings.
Psalms 23:5c | NLT


God has chosen you to be the mum you are and he wants to fill your life with blessings and his love, until it overflows! This is the kind of mum he wants us to be, a mum who’s cup is overflowing ready to give back to her family.
The truth is when my cup is empty and I’m not letting God fill it, I’m cranky with the kids, I loose patience easily, I complain to Hiroshi and I’m often complaining to myself inside my head as well, about all the things that are annoying me! Sometimes I just need to take time out for myself, to fill my cup first, before I fill everyone elses. That mean’s spending time with God, reading my bible or worshiping, taking time to relax by myself or doing something I love too so I don’t feel burnt out.

If you are full of God’s love and joy, renewed in strength, and feeling good about yourself, you are going to give back better and more!


But if you are empty, if your cup is empty you are not much use to your kids! You might get cranky, yell at your kids, argue with your spouse, spend the whole day thinking negatively and making bad decisions.

Sometimes you may feel selfish to prioritize yourself, but actually making sure you fill your cup first so that it is overflowing is essential to being a great mum and wife! And God wants to overflow your cup, he wants to fill you full of blessing so you can overflow to those loved ones in your life.


So you have permission to spoil yourself! Fill your cup first! Fill it to overflowing! 

Here are some practical tips to getting yourself renewed and revitalized ready for God to fill your cup to overflowing!
  • Take time everyday to spend time with God and read your bible and refresh and let God speak to you even if it’s only 5 mins.
  • Put your kids to bed early so you can have more time in the evenings for yourself and your husband.
  • Establish a daily routine and schedule for you and your kids, and mark out time for yourself, when your husband can look after the kids, even if it’s just 5 mins by yourself or to put your make up on.pexels-photo-291629.jpeg


  • Make the most of nap time, use it as a time to journal, write, take a nap yourself, or do something you enjoy. Don’t always leave the cooking and cleaning for this time.
  • Prepare for the next day the night before so you don’t always have to rush in the morning. Even if it just means setting aside 30 mins after the kids have gone to bed to meal prep, tidy or prepare the kids school stuff.
  • Help your kids learn independent play, so they are not hanging off your leg all the time.
  • Spend time with your husband, even if you can’t go out, make a date night at home. Prioritize time for your relationship.
  • If you can’t always get out to meet your girl friends, give them a call once a week just to catch up. A good friendship refreshes the soul.
  • Get yourself some rest and go to bed earlier than usual some nights.
  • After the kids have gone to bed have a good soak in the bath with candles and music.
  • Eat healthily and look after yourself!
  • Wake up earlier than your kids sometimes and enjoy a few minutes of peace before everyone wakes up!pexels-photo-266642.jpeg


Let’s become mum’s who’s cups are overflowing with God’s love so we can give back to our families and others! 

Let me know, what do you do you like to do to refresh? 

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