40 Ideas for a Fun Family Time With Toddlers

Last week I talked about the importance of family time and how to create a great family environment at home!

This week I want to share some practical idea’s you could try to bring your family closer together.

 He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.

Ephesians 4:16 | NLT

This is my idea of a great family – spending time together, growing in Gods love together and helping each other grow! Just as parents help their kids to grow up, kids are also actually helping their parents to grow up too!
So that’s why we need to spend time together as a family, time that can be fruitful, so that we can grow together, as well as enjoy our time together and create wonderful memories!
There are a lot of ideas out there for family time and I am sure you have some of your own. But since we have 2 young kids. I thought I would list some practical ideas to create family time with toddlers. Some of these I have tried at home. Some of them not yet!

39 @ home ideas to create a fun family time with toddlers! 

1. Have a dance party– Turn up the music! This is my number 1 go to whenever we need to get something done or the kids don’t want to do it. Also it relaxes us all and we can really let go and have fun! You can introduce your kids to lots of different styles of music too!
2. Family game time: my daughter loves to play lotto and fishing games, snap, memory match etc. there are a lot of easy games out there for 2 year olds or you could make your own!
3. Movie night at the moment we love Paddington! But a short movie or TV show might be just as great for toddlers, since their attention span isn’t so long.
4. Eat dinner as an indoor picnic 
5. Cook dinner together, even though they are little they can still help out.
6. Make Takoyaki – little kids will love putting different things inside.
7. Do a puzzle together
8. Make cookies or cupcakes and decorate them
8. Play hide and seek– My daughter loves it when daddy plays hide and seek with her! (See my Insta-story highlights!)
9. Order in a pizza – This is especially good for when you are feeling lazy to cook
10. Go out for ice creamor go to the convenience store, buy ice cream and eat it on the way home.
11. Have a water fight 
12. Have a dress up show – Kids love to dress up in mum and dads clothes too!
13. Make pizzas – they will like to create their own variations
14. Sing songsand march around with instruments.
15. Have a toy car race 
16. Look at family photos or family videos together
17. Read the Bible together and share what you learnt together.
18. Read stories together 
19. Play Uno or cards 
20. Play freeze dance – Dance to music and freeze when it stops
21. Make shadow puppets or use your fingers or stuffed toys to tell a story
22. Play with balloons 
23. Make paper airplanes and have a race
24. Build a fort and read stories inside
25. Worship together or sing along to a song
26. Make a time capsuleand bury it, or hide it in your house
27.Have dinner together and talk about the best thing that happened in your day.
28. Have a Lego building contest 


29. A who can build the tallest tower contest 
30. Have a tea party,with all the cuddly toys.
31. Play hide the Teddy – My daughter could play this all day!
32. Talk about what you are thankful for and pray about it
33. Karaoke together 
34. Have a tickle fight 
35. Snuggle in mummy and daddies bed together with a torch
36. Make the bed together(my daughter loves to lie under the futon whilst I wave it over her!)
37. Jump on the bed together. 
38. Go for a walk around the neighborhood on a summer evening
39. Make a YouTube video together or a family video.
40. Ask your toddler what they want to do and do it. 
The important thing in all of these things is, you do them together as a family!


I also want to hear your idea’s. Have you done any of these at home? What do you do to create family time at home? And if you have toddlers, what do you do to keep them entertained and involved with the family? Leave a comment and let me know! I’m excited to hear!

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