Becoming a Mum who can Receive Encouragement

 Believe it or not, all mums need a little encouragement every now and then. You work hard everyday to provide for your family, give them everything they need. Entertain them. Cook for them. Clean for them. Be the best mum you can be. And sometimes despite all we do we don’t get anything back. When I was a kid I thought my mum didn’t need anything, but now I am a mum myself I realize, sometimes it’s just a little encouragement that we need.


We naturally give, give, give and sacrifice for our families, that sometimes we are starving ourselves of what we really need!

To be up-lifted,
To be told we are doing great,
To be cheered on in our everyday life,

To be looked on in awe.

We need that encouragement. And it’s OK to receive encouragement and want to receive it. We need to be ready to receive encouragement. And we need to be in the right place to get it! Because when we have received and are full of encouragement, we are able to give it to!


Encouragement can lift us up, it can take us from the bad morning we are having to a great afternoon! It can refresh us – encouragement keeps our souls healthy!

It’s stronger than a cup of coffee.


As much as we can spend our days encouraging others, we need to be ready to receive encouragement too. Sometimes our children cannot encourage us all the time, and our husbands may forget or think we don’t need it. We can end up feeling dry and sat in a self pity party. But we can’t just sit around and wait for someone to encourage us, we need to go to a source where we can be encouraged. We need to be active in finding encouragement.


Here are 2 places I go to to find encouragement:


The Bible

It’s easy when we need a quick break to go to facebook, instagram, the news or google for a refresh. But there is a lot of negative stuff on it too, that we can end up feeling more frustrated and discontent than when before we took a break.  So for m  when I feel discouraged or tired, the first place I go to is God, I go to his word, the Bible and I get encouraged by it. I let his word speak to me and encourage me that I am doing a great job.



“The teachings of the LORD are perfect. They renew the soul“ Psalm 19:7 (gwt)


The Bible is full of life giving words and God wants to say something to me through it. He wants to encourage us and fill us with joy. He wants to renew our souls, and daily fill them with encouragement. Because he loves us unconditionally.
I just read a bit everyday, but from that I am refreshed, renewed – ready to give back to my kids, my husband and the people around me. Not a grouchy mum who feels she has given everything!


 The Right People

Another place we can receive encouragement is from those around us. We need to have the right people lifting us up!


Sometimes it’s easy to fill our lives with people who have the same problems as us and can be the negative voice, to our negativity. But those voices are not going to encourage us or lift us up and help us move forward. Sometimes we need to think who are the people around us encouraging us and are we placing ourselves among encouraging people.

A great place I receive encouragement is from my church. It is full of people who are always lifting me up, speaking life giving words into my life. Here I have real relationships, with people who encourage me to grow as a person and live with passion and purpose in life. They don’t just encourage me with nice words, but with words that will make me a better person. These are the kind of people I want to receive encouragement from.





When I see and hear what God is doing in other people’s lives, I am encouraged too. God has put people around your life on purpose! Even just the words “your doing a great job”  from God or from people, can give us the motivation to move forward.

There are lots of way’s to be encouraged, so I encourage you to become a mum who seek’s encouragement and actively goes to sources to receive it.



 You are the BEST mum you can be to your kids

You matter so much.

You matter to your family,

to all the people around you.

You are writing a beautiful story for your children.

The children who look at you in awe as the most wonderful woman they know

They’re hearts whisper I love you, even when they can’t say it

They look at you as the most beautiful, awe-inspiring, fun-loving, creative and caring mother they could have asked for.

You always give them 100% and you are appreciated even when they can’t tell you.

You are not perfect but in their eyes you are perfect

Your community needs you,

your friends and family need you,

God adores you and Jesus is obsessed with you.

You are so IMPORTANT! 


Where you walk the world moves.

And where you run, you run with courage.

What you do behind the scenes,

no one sees it,

no one praises it,

but God looks at you and he is proud.

You are a legacy to every person you have touched.

Don’t forget it, receive it.

Be encouraged and go encourage.

One thought on “Becoming a Mum who can Receive Encouragement

  1. This is an incredibly sweet and uplifting post! I have to let others encourage me also. I can encourage other ladies really easy but need to be able to receive it also! ❤


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