4 Ways to Appreciate and Accept Your Spouse More

I'm sure we all have busy lives, marriage and family, jobs and dreams, the football, Netflix, can sometimes all get in the way of showing our appreciation and accepting who our spouses really are and are becoming.



When things don’t turn out how you expected

At the beginning of this year, I made plans and goals for the year, like so many people do.  I am a planner, I love planning things. I planned to read a book a month, I planned to loose weight, I planned to start exercising and doing yoga (emphasis on start..) I planned to start … Continue reading When things don’t turn out how you expected

The Gift of Marriage

Last month was our 5 year Wedding anniversary. In 5 years a lot happened, we bought a house, had 2 kids, my husband started a business and many other things happened along the way. It's been a great 5 years, we have grown in love with each other more and more and have grown closer … Continue reading The Gift of Marriage



What’s your ‘One Thing’??

So I'll be honest I didn't really think seriously about marriage, or what kind of man I wanted to be with, or when I wanted to get married before I met Hiroshi.When I say seriously I mean I did think I seriously want to get married and meet the 'one', "someone who could fulfill me" … Continue reading What’s your ‘One Thing’??

あなたの人生でのギャップをどのように埋めるか – 自分が十分じゃないと感じだ時にどうするか

あなたの人生でのギャップをどのように埋めるか - 自分が十分じゃないと感じだ時にどう